The 11 x 8.5in is a glossy 16 pt card stock with 21 available advertisements. Each campaign we create is a route of 10,000 address including businesses.

Size of Mailer

The entire mailer is 11 x 8.5 inches with 21 advertisement slots. (12 on front, 9 on back w/ stamp)

Size of Each Advertisement

Each business can take one slot which is a size of 2.5×2.8 in in the mailer unless invited to do otherwise.

How many Mail Pieces

Current, New Jersey Marketers is only running campaign routes of 10,000 Address. We preselect our routes based on our in house market research.

Single Ad Creation

Whats in the package: We make a basic advertisement following one of the structures in the demo photo and we customize your title, message, offer, and photo

If we made an ad for you in the past : You can receive a $50 discount if you opt to use a previously run ad.

Cost Comparison

Running your own ad: You will inquire the full costs if design, shipping, printing, and stamps which on average is 4 times the costs of our service. Similar mail pieces that are sent in the same size have less likelihood to capture the audience upon first view.

Collective Mail Pieces are build on the premise of higher exposure, longer retention, and larger buyer personas reached.

High Retention Rate

We compile a diverse collection of advertisements to catch the attention many possible customers. We offer locally supported name with deals and specials to gather support recognition.

Current Locations

Hawthorne, NJ, 07506